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Sarita Santos about 2 hours ago

I was born in crossville November 1990 my man who acknowledge me now after I spent years crying at work creating fake pages to insult women about him while I was married and yes I lied to my coworkers I told them he was my bff while we left work at 2 am most of the time to go to a motel to fck. My ex hubby caught us, but we lied once again people loves us we’d be ashamed if they found out we are liars. And yes I cheated on my ex hubby with him over and over again. My man hate my kids I can’t leave with them because he doesn’t like them, I chose him over them just to move with him without them. I’m a worthless cheater, liar and a PoS who chose dck over my oldest kids to please him. My two sons are not my ex hubbies he such a great man he gave them his last name. Everyone think I’m innocent which is great, but I’ve been fckn my uncle since I was in my teenage years my sons probably are my uncles. Ken doesn’t care because he takes me as a POS also like what man will settle with a woman who’s willing to give up on her kids for him a lil immature boy right? A real man will love your kids just because they love you, but I love him more than my kids and because my kids are also my cousins it’s better I gave them away. I’m Kenny sluuttt now, he can beat me up, yell at me anytime I love him and worked so hard to finally get him to move together. And yes he doesn’t care cause me and his mother are the same trash.

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